Irish Swing - Tortoise | Green Mirror Polarized Round Sunglasses


  • Frame style: Pantos, Panthos, Round classic Sunglasses 
  • Frame/lens color: Demi Tortoise / Ice Green mirrored lens
  • Lens type: Polarized sunglasses with CAT 3 technology and 100% UV400 protection
  • Frame materials: Glossy,  lightweight Polycarbonate 
  • Size: 52-46-15mm. Regular size. Fit most face types. Sunglasses for men/women
  • Available in 9 different colors 
  • Guarantees:
    • 15-day money back guarantee
    • Trade-in program (after 6 months, only once per pair)
    • Huge discount if you lose, break or scratch your sunglasses
    • Part of your purchase goes towards charity
    • Sunglasses made for runners, adventurers, travelers, sports & music lovers


The Tortoise and Ice Green mirrored lenses is a great choice of sunglasses for your everyday wear. Three words for you: Cool, Classy, and Stylish, all packed in one frame! You can’t go wrong with this retro-classic, vintage-looking, funky-classy style.

Our Irish Swing sunglasses look great on both women and men, and it keeps your eyes protected from harmful sun rays while at the same time looking great!

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