Tokyo Rumble


  • Frame style: Square Sunglasses 
  • Frame/lens color: Blue Frame | Red Mirror Polarized lenses
  • Lens type: Polarized sunglasses with TAC technology and 100% UV400 protection
  • Frame materials: Made of lightweight Polycarbonate with a Soft Coating Finish
  • Size: 52-46-15mm. Regular size. Fit most face types. Sunglasses for men/women
  • Available in 9 different colors 
  • Guarantees:
    • 15-day money-back guarantee
    • Trade-in program (after 6 months, only once per pair)
    • Huge discount if you lose, break, or scratch your sunglasses
    • Part of your purchase goes towards charity
    • Sunglasses made for runners, adventurers, travelers, sports & music lovers

Our Tokyo Rumble Polarized Sunglasses are a great pair of sunnies for adventurers, outdoors lovers, travelers, sports & music aficionados! (a.k.a made for everyone). This pair of sunglasses looks great on both women and men, and it keeps your eyes protected from harmful sun rays while at the same time looking great!

Our Tokyo Rumble Sunglasses are light, soft, and comfortable! You can run, hike, jump, kayak, dance, do handstands or do anything without a problem! We promise our sunglasses will remain ‘locked’ (without slipping) on your nose at all times!

From all the colors in the world, and for some weird reason that science does not completely understand, red and blue are the only two colors that our brain and body reacts downright crazy to. Yup, you got that right! The Ice Red mirrored lenses on the crystal Blue matte frame is a Rumble color combination that brightens your path and spins your World and spins those around you!

The Tokyo Rumble sunglasses are an all-year, all-weather, all-styles, all-moods, and must-have pair of sunglasses. Brighten your day, swag your eyes, be loud, be confident, be the best of you! Try a new color now.


  • Made for active lifestyles. Our colorful and vibrant styles are designed for your active lifestyle. Great for outdoor, adventurers, runners, travelers, sports and music lovers!

  • Great price point. Tierra offers great quality sunglasses at a fraction of the cost. All our styles are under US$20.
  • Quality in mind. We use the same materials of overpriced brands, but sell them at a fair price!

  • Feel great. Our sunglasses are made of soft and lightweight and flexible materials for maximum durability and to provide you with all-day comfort.

  • Look great.  Our styles fit most face types. These are sunglsses for men/women. Check out our Fit Guide page to find your perfect pair.
  • Keyhole nose bridge. Thanks to our keyhole nose bridge design, you can run, hike, jump, kayak, dance, or do any outdoor activity without a problem! Our sunglasses will remain 'locked' (without slipping) on your face at all times.
  • Great lenses. Most of our styles are polarized. They are coated with a special film to eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters your eyes. Reduces glare, and makes your world appear sharper and clearer.

    All our styles have mirrored lenses with 100% UV400 filrm to protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

  • 15-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Check our return policy.
  • Trade-in program. Trade-in your old pair of Tierra’s for a brand new pair --- only after 6-months (Selected styles only). Check our trade-in program page.
  • Replacement program. Did you lose your Tierra sunglasses? Broke them? Scratched the lenses? No problem, we’ll send you a promo code! Email us.


  • Lens width: 53 millimeters
  • Lens height: 42 millimeters
  • Bridge bag: 18 millimeters
  • Arms: 140 millimeters
  • Click here to learn more about sunglasses sizing

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Exactly what you would expect

You know how you've always been told..."if it sounds to good to be true, it is." Well I'm here to tell you...that does NOT apply here. Glasses look and wear great. I had a good feeling about these guys when I saw on the website that you could text them. Are you freaking kidding me...texting a company AND getting an actual response!!! Not some robot AI answer... a real answer from a real person. Unbelievable. Now, I am that guy who loses and or damages sunglasses on the reg. I have a pair of Ray Bans that never leave my car. Now I have a GOTO pair for everything else and I am JAZZED about it. Thank you, Tierra, for all of your responsiveness, the stickers and the "surprise". Will proudly support your cause and will sing your praise to all of who will listen!

Sunny S.

Recently I bought a pair because my profession is spent teaching athletes in the sun all day and I love to run. The best sunnies I've ever bought – and I've had top name brand glasses. Love these and you do too! :)

Great glasses at a great price

I’ve owned multiple pairs of Tierra’s been happy with all of them!

Thomas H.
Great Product

1. Great Quality 2. Great Look 3. Great Price

Dan N.
These shades rock

Great pair of shades for running: non-slip, polarized and comfortable during my long runs.

Fabulous for running

The clarity is amazing and they stay in place on a jog. Quite possibly the best sunglasses. Thank you!!

Almas S.
All three

Other sunglasses make you choose one or two of the following: 1. Affordability 2. Fashionable design 3. Quality Your ray bans are polarized and stylish, but you better not lose them because they cost $200! Walmart sunglasses look cool and hip until your blinded thanks to insufficient Uv protection, crash your car, and die! With Tierra you get sweet glasses with optimal protection, and they’re so affordable, you can get them in multiple colors. No more worrying about your sunglasses matching EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT. Buy a pair of Tierra sunglasses for every occasion! These sunglasses basically made my life better in every single aspect.